Fitbit Charging cable- Charge 2 Review

Do you own a Fitbit Charger 2? How many chargers do you have for it? Have you looked at the price of buying extra ones?  They run around $10-$20 depending where you buy it.  I recently was able to purchase some at a discounted price and was actually quite pleased.

I want to tell you this because my Charge 2 runs out of battery at the worst time and I always seem to forget my charger.  So I wanted to get extra ones anyways so I can have one with me at all times.  I have one now at home, in my car, and at work.  So now I have no reason to not have my Charge 2….charged.

So I bought mine from Amazon, retail price $6.99 for 2 charging cables.  I received them and plugged it in immediately to test it out.  I didn’t just want to know if it would charge but even how long.  I mean, I am almost certain these are not Apple brand so I wanted to know how they compared.


They do charge and they charge at almost the same speed as the Apple charger.  I haven’t had any issues with them so far and they have done an adequate job with charging.  I enjoy having more than one, and if for some reason something happens I have backups in general as well.

So if you have been looking to get a replacement or even extras, seriously think about purchasing these.

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If you have been following my posts you will know that I recently had a child graduate.

Have you ever been to a graduation? I haven’t except my own….until now.  My oldest child graduated from high school the end of May.  Bitter sweet, let me tell you.  It was super emotional and super draining.

First I had to go from Seattle, WA to Fulton, MS.  That is a 2,500 mile trip give or take.  I took a flight of course.  Flew from Seattle, WA to Houston, TX and then onto Memphis, TN.  From Memphis, TN I drove 2 hours to Fulton, MS.  Let me tell you.  The day I left I only slept 3 hours and had a red-eye flight.  I didn’t sleep on the flight at all either.  Then drove with no sleep.  I still didn’t get to sleep until after 9.  I was so very very tired.

Graduation was the next day.  So much to do and I swear there was not a whole lot of time.  My best friend came over to see me as well and cheer me on.  There was so much emotion just with that….I hadn’t seen her in at least 7 years.  Who hadn’t I seen in 7 years.  Both my daughter and my best friend.  So Saturday was super emotional.  And then my mom showed up…also who I haven’t seen in 7 years.

We worked super hard to get my daughter ready for graduation.  The night before my daughter and I went and bought her shoes and a dress.  The day of I decided to fix her hair and make her “graduation ready”.

It was a lot of work but well worth it all to see my oldest walk down and get her diploma.  She was absolutely beautiful.  I am one happy mama.

I now get the luxury to send her off to college now.  However, she will be going to college here in Washington.  For me that is great because I get to see her and help her through it.  I hope that in 4 years I get to attend another graduation with her.

My next high school graduations are not until 2028 and 2030.  That seems so far off, but in reality it is right around the corner….and I am really looking forward to seeing the babies graduate.

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Disneyland….a plan…

So I have a plan.  Or should I say I set up a plan.  I want to take my family to Disneyland in 2019.  So I went to the Disney website and found a payment plan type thing that you can use to save up for that great trip.

I decided 2019 because I mean seriously, I should be able to save about $3000-4000 in two years, right?  I am currently having $40 a week taken out.  My goal…$5000.  Benefits is that it goes into an account I can’t really touch, but I can withdraw money if I REALLY need it.  I can change how much I put in and when at any time….and I can add one time contributions.  Best thing….if I go through the website or through a Disney travel organization…I can have everything paid for with this account including hotel, airfare, Disney tickets, and even some other things outside Disney.

But wait! You can also use this account to save up for Disney World, Disney Cruises, and Disney in Hawaii! Seriously!  If you are like me, this is a great option.  And if I have to push my trip out…no biggie!  There is no penalty for removing money (other than you now will have less) and you don’t have to take the trip exactly when  you say.

I could talk about this all day….but seriously head over to the website and check it out.  Figure out how much you would need and when you want to go and …well go from there.

And have fun!

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Exhaustion. Can you get through it?

Everyone goes through some sort of exhaustion, right? Some though a little more than others….

I have been trying to find ways to get past my exhaustion or even just ways to relax over time.  I am so stressed most of the time that it makes me not such a nice person.

My husband is always asking me to find a hobby.  Hobby? Wow what is that? I mean me take time to do something for myself? Really?? How does that work?

I mean look at this blog.  I set this up as a stress relief and a way to venture out of my comfort zone and I am not doing so great.  I mean sometimes I do really good and then others….well back the the exhaustion.

Writing takes energy and when you are exhausted do you really have energy? No, that means my thinking is at a bare minimum.  But it is ok…because that is what happens as an ADULT.

Adult….that is such a scary word.  Even as an adult that word is scary.  I mean responsibilities and taking care of  yourself…wow can we just wait a minute please????  Why is it we get more and more responsibilities but we don’t actually learn anymore than we did before….it always starts over.

I mean I work 3 days a week, 12 hour shift each time I work, and I work nights.  During the day, I work 14 hours, 7 days a week.  Sleep? I do that when I can.  If you saw my FitBit you would cringe.  Exhaustion? Oh that isn’t even the word for it anymore.  I don’t even think there is one.

Relaxation comes in many ways.  Sitting on your bottom doing nothing at all (right…..) or sewing (because everyone in your house has something they need sewn and you think that if you do it it’ll relax you) or reading a book (that you get interrupted reading 400 times).  Wait, so where did I get relaxed?

After the kids go to bed….that is when you relax.  Right? Oh goodness no, that is when you really get things done with out INTERRUPTION! Man can you win?

I get it.  I really do.  Balance of work and life and family.  Can you do it? I am sure some can.  Can I? Most days.  Can you????

What are some ways you deal with exhaustion.  I want to know.

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Speaking Up: 13 Reasons Why

I have been contemplating writing this for a few days.  My opinions on this miniseries/book run deep and true.  I think people are losing sight of what the actual series was/is about and what the book was/is about.  I also think that there is so much miscommunication with the interpretation of the book/miniseries.

Now mind  you there are many different variances between the book and the miniseries.  The “wow” factor as some would call it was put into the miniseries that just wasn’t there in the book.  I won’t go into details about the differences.  That is not what I want to focus on. can go read/watch to see the differences.

Now- if you haven’t read the book or seen the miniseries this will have spoilers.  So just stop right here if you actually don’t want to know what happens in them.  Because I will be going into details about that.  It is important because there is a sort of transitioning that is related.

I want to apologize in advance, I will be all over the place.  I can be a passionate writer but I am a writer that needs to write things as I think them…so if it gets a little confusing…that is why.  This is partially because of my ADHD…trust me you should have seen my papers in school.

Let’s start with this.  This is something I don’t share and I don’t think there are many people out there who know this about me.  So I am sharing this because 13 Reasons Why brought up so much in me.  I was “Hannah” in high school.  I went through much of what she did and I will tell you this….eventually it eats away at the soul.  And coming back from it is not an easy task.

Triggers…this show has many triggers.  Life has many triggers.  Talking to teens about suicide, sex, driving, college, and almost everything else is a trigger.  Learning to manage those triggers…that is what you need to be concentrating on.

Kids in high school are mean, heck even junior high. When you start out not being popular or “well off” or classified as a nerd (which wasn’t popular to be back in the day) things are much harder for you.  But then add in bonus CRAP and things go downhill quickly.

Rumors hurt….ALOT.  Once a rumor gets started, that is it.  Have you ever had a rumor started about you?  I mean a knife wrenching rumor that makes you want to never return?  I have! When I was in high school I was labeled as a slut, easy, and so many other things.  Guess what?!?! I was a virgin.  Granted, yes I did do some things…but never once did I have intercourse.  And there started the first problem.  Because I wouldn’t have sex (AND BELIEVE ME THEY ALREADY KNEW THIS) I pissed a few guys off.  So in return…they started calling me a whore, a slut, and that I was super easy.  I had to hear this almost every day.  It didn’t go just manifested into so much more.  I didn’t date boys at my school because of this.  However, on the rare occasion I did date a boy from my high school…it quickly ended because they heard the rumor (the 2 times I dated someone from my high school they were both new students).

Now…with the rumors in true bloom came the next part of this devastating mess.  People don’t just pass on rumors.  People add to the rumors.  The rumors because something of their own.  You get bullied from the rumors and they hurt…even more.  There is no escape.  You try and talk to the guidance counselors and the teachers.  But, it is their word against yours.  Unless the guidance counselor or teachers hear the rumors themselves….it is just that….and you are kind of screwed.  So now what? Move to another school? Really, if it was that easy we would just hope from school to school.

Now that the rumors are in full swing and you are devastated to walk through the door of your school….you do it. You swallow everything and do it.  Why? You have to.  It hurts and some people can’t deal with it.  Now….a boy starts acting nice to you.  You seem like you are having a change …a chance…to actually be you.  Your stupid.  Why? Because this boy knows the rumors, believes the rumors, and wants to test out the rumors.  He isn’t stupid…he knows you have your guard up.  Who cares?  You do.  You want to feel love and you want people to like you.  You put yourself in a bad situation…next thing you know things take a huge turn for the worse.  This boy whom you invited over to study with is now climbing on top of you and no matter how much you say no, he continues.  He is bigger.  You finally give up.  Now, who are you going to tell? Do you even think anyone cares?

Go to school, rumors are flying even more.  You know the truth.  I mean of course no one believes you.  I mean why would they?  I mean I guess you could have went to the police, the hospital, your parents….but really is that how a teenager thinks?

So let’s see.  So far how has my story been like Hannah’s,  We both had nasty rumors flying around.  Granted they didn’t start the same way, but rarely do rumors start the same way.  We were both put in positions to have sex when we clearly did not want to.  We both attempted to tell people about things but …he said she said…We both because really depressed from the actions or others as well as our own actions.  Life around us wasn’t great.  I was a poor child with a mom who had been to prison.  Hannah was pretty well off and then they weren’t.

I will say that in the book her parent’s weren’t even a thought.  I think by them adding the parents in the miniseries it added more depth.  She wanted them to use college fund to help them out.  They refused.  Unrealistically there is a point where people tend to think…well if I am not alive then they can use that fund and get themselves out of debt.  True story, it happens!

Now…I wrote what I wrote because first and foremost….many people can’t deal with things like that happening to them.  They feel so hope. When you are in a situation where there is absolutely no end in sight….you want to sink away.  Yes suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary problem.  But when that problem is lasting 2-4 years…that feels like a lifetime.

Now back to Hannah.  She endured so many other things, and I agree with some posters…she brought some of her angst and turmoil on herself.  A friend hit a stop sign and knocked it down and then someone died because of a car accident.  Well, she called 911 and tried to let them know about the sign….however they thought she was calling about the accident that happened.  Regardless of if she actually did it or not, I think she is still responsible to say something.  That was on her.

Again Hannah….getting mad and hurt over a boy’s choice…while in high school that seems like the end of the road….IT IS NOT!  There are so many boys out there….don’t freak about one.  I promise if that is happening there is another for you and he is NOT the one.  Don’t hate on your friends either…I mean especially if they date someone you like….when they have NO IDEA you liked them.  Again Hannah, cmon.

MY BIGGEST ISSUE WITH HANNAH….if your friend gets raped and YOU KNOW…you are just as bad as the person who raped her for not telling.  I mean, maybe not literally…but seriously…it might suck and be hard to say but tell at least the person it happened to.

Ok so the last part of that posting was about what happened…so when your world is upside down and bad things keep happening…sometimes just wishing for it to all go away is common.

People think the miniseries was just about…well if you or you or you had just maybe possibly done this or that then she wouldn’t have done what she did.  No!  If that is what you take away from this miniseries you clearly have never been bullied, raped, hurt by anyone, had a rumor told about you that made you feel ashamed or like you want to die, or had thoughts of suicide.

This was about a girl…who over time…gave up.  Did she have mental health issues? I don’t think so.  Not by what most people are thinking,  Bad things happened and kept happening.  When things just keep happening they build up.  She didn’t take the time to actually try to talk to people while it was happening.  She let it build up and build up.  Talking from experience…NOT A GOOD IDEA!

NEVER EVER LET IT BUILD UP!  It is not good for anyone…including yourself.  How many times have you thought about ending your life? Once? Twice? A Dozen?  I can tell you I have thought about it more than a dozen times in my life.  I have tried AND FAILED on two occasions.  I was weak.  I was scared.  I felt I had no where to go. I felt it was never going to end.

People in general need help.  Help from friends and family or from medical personnel or help from a total stranger.  People have a hard time asking for help.  I mean, seriously have you ever been in a situation where people didn’t believe you?  It makes it worse.  Depression is a serious thing and with help managed but do you know? Do you know if you have it?

So have I confused you yet?  I am sorry if I have.  Where do I stand on this miniseries?  I firmly believe that whether in book form or miniseries form…all kids should watch/read this.  Why?  Because, you have no clue how YOURS/THEIR death is going to impact them.  Kids are frigging cruel.  All those nasty things they say about others builds up. Add other things to the mix and it becomes a ticking time bomb.

Say what you will about not letting your kids watch/read this.  But this topic is no different than any of the other difficult topics out there.  I mean just because you talk to you child about sex and how to protect themselves doesn’t mean they are going to go have sex right?  Talking to your kids about suicide doesn’t mean they are going to commit it.  Most of the time, you never know.  It is preemptive.  I think YOU NEED TO BE PREEMPTIVE.  Don’t wait til they give you a reason to talk to them…it is already to late.

THAT is what 13 Reasons Why is about.  It is about communication.  Help.  It is about knowing what you say and do can hurt others.  It is about saying things that are not true or that you aren’t sure are true can be devastating.  It is about telling the truth when bad things happen.  It is about asking for help from those around you.  It is about never giving up.

If you won’t show your children 13 Reasons Why, then find another way to talk to them.  Just because they may not be the one thinking of suicide, they may know a friend or they may be one of the reasons someone else has given up hope.  Remember it takes a village to raise a child but it only takes one person to burn the village to the ground.

Ok I am not sure if I got my thoughts out.  I am not even sure if you can even follow them.  But in simple terms…don’t focus so much on the whole “if someone would have …..” it isn’t about that.  One of them could have made a difference or maybe wouldn’t have.  But every one of those people caused her pain in some form or fashion.  People leave notes when the attempt suicide…she just went a little further.

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Amazon Prime Oh My!!!

I just wanted to post a quick not that now you can get Amazon Prime in three ways:

Prime monthly- so for $10.99 a month you can get prime

Prime video- get videos only like Netflix or Hulu or $8.99

Prime annual- Pay the $99 upfront

You can cancel any of these at anytime.


Sign up now for 30 days for free!!! Please note that the link I provided is a referral link.

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I have to rant for a minute.  My daughter struggles to get play dates and get togethers with friends,  I try so hard to arrange them but then there is no follow through.  I know she’s difficult sometimes, but the play dates we have hosted…those kids weren’t angels. So what is going on?


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Weekly update plus movie review

So I know I haven’t made many posts lately.  It has been Spring Break for M, who has a cold,  and A has been sick for over a week  (going into two weeks).

All the plans I had for this week went down the drain, but we did manage to go see a few movies this week and will be seeing one tomorrow and probably Saturday. We have a Fandango VIP account plus an AMC stub account and we get discounted tickets through my employer.  So we find the best possible deal in seeing movies and go.

Starting next week A is not going to be in preschool anymore for a variety of reasons, so I will be tackling homeschooling him till September.  I am kind of sad that he isn’t at his Preschool anymore but it was a choice I had to make.


First we saw the new Beauty and the Beast.  While I thought it was absolutely amazing and depicted how I thought a “real life” version would be….my husband completely disagreed.  He, like many people, didn’t think that LeFou should have been portrayed as gay. But not because my husband is a homophobic, but because it took away the idea of a man being able to “adore” another man without being gay.  While I agree to some extent I do think that Disney had some inclination when the animated version came out that LeFou was slightly obsessed with Gaston.  However, I think by making LeFou “gay” it removed that creepy obsession.  That is just my two cents.  Then there is the idea of Gaston.  Gaston IS an antagonist…..he IS the bad guy in the movie.  He does everything for the sole benefit of himself, both in the life action and the animated.  My husband and I differ on this as well.  He believes that Gaston is an antagonist but NOT a bad guy.  We got into a huge argument over this.  He is a huge Gaston fan! He thinks Gaston was trying to help and give Belle options to help herself.  Really? Do I need to even talk about how crazy that sounds?  He only thought of himself.  He locked Belle’s dad up even after Belle said no….he shot the Beast…again after Belle said no.  I mean seriously, if he cared about Belle wouldn’t be listen to her? No, he KNOWS what is best for her….and for him.  But other than those two differences, we were both pretty much on board with the animated vs real life.


Then the kids and I went and saw the new Power Rangers movie.  I won’t even say much about it because I think you NEED to go see this if you have ever liked the Power Rangers….and even if you haven’t.  Be prepared though, there is some bad language and a adult humor with a little sexual innuendo on the side.  I mean it is PG-13…not because of the fight scenes.  The movie has a great story line.  If you have seen some of the Power Ranger shows, there isn’t much of a beginning. It tends to go just straight into the kids gaining the Power Ranger status.  My kids followed the story line but it was a little slow for them, but once the action started they were all in!  I really loved this movie.


Tomorrow we are going to go see The Boss Baby. I hear it is really good.  I am sort of excited, which is a little odd for me since I don’t typically see these movies in theater.  But I will let you know later what I thought about it.


Saturday, we may go see Ghost in the Shell.  I am not sure about taking the kids to see this.  I am not sure they would be interested.  They have watched a few of the anime episodes, but that is animation.  We will see though.

What movies have you seen lately?


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Budget Shopping…my Version Part 1

How many of us are on a budget? Day in and day out we want things but it is just not in the books, right? I use several different websites to do my shopping and to try and make it  hurt my pocket book as much as I can.  You have probably heard of many of these if not all of these.  If you haven’t you should look into using them especially if you shop online and if you live on a budget.  Some of the links I have shared do lead to affiliated sites or referrals.

Hollar is one of my recent faves.  It is lower cost priced items.  Some items are cheaper not purchasing them there (always check ALWAYS) but many are about the same if not less.  Sometimes I find things on here that I never even knew about.  I have gotten really good deals on Shopkins, Pokemon, Five Nights of Freddy, home organization, beauty products, and so many other things.  They also have Disney digital dvd movies starting at $1 as well as As Seen on TV items.  And even better yet, if you spend like $25 you get free shipping. Plus they almost ALWAYS have codes you can use for something, currently if you use FREEGIFT…well you get a free gift!.  It does tend to take a little more time to get to you. So if  you are trying to get something super fast this may not be for  you.  However, they always have new items.  They even have an app for easy mobile viewing.

Ebates is my go to for everything.  I always check here to see if they have a store listed.  What is Ebates? It is a cash back website.  You shop online at various places and they give you anywhere from 1%-50% cash back depending on the store.  I have earned anywhere from $20-$300 depending on the quarter.  Yes, I said quarter.  The cash back isn’t automatic and they only do it every so often.  You also have to have a minimum of $10 for them to give you the cash back.  You can get the cash back in the form of a check or through Paypal.  I love it with Paypal cause it always comes a little earlier for me then what they say.  Almost every store I shop online with is apart of Ebates cash back program.  They even have an app that you can use to earn the cash back.  I do have to say sometimes I do forget to use it…and it always hurts. That is money I am losing that I could have gotten back.  But I mean seriously, why not get money back on purchases you are already making??

Wish is a good site for minimal money.  However, everything  (at least I think everything) comes from China.  So not only will it take forever to get to you it may or may not be authentic.  However, to me this doesn’t matter for the most part.  I tend to order things from here that I don’t really care if it is REAL or if it is HIGH QUALITY.  I have only had 2 bad experiences out of probably 20-30 purchases.  Both were refunded quickly and there were no issues getting the refunds. One of the refunds was from an item I didn’t get and the other one was a product that didn’t look ANYTHING like what I thought I was buying and I had no use for it.  I did not have to return either item (obviously the one I didn’t get I couldn’t return) and I have bought more sense.  I like this website because you can find just about anything and everything…including things you didn’t know existed.

Where are some places you like to shop that save you money?

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I have been avoiding this new craze like the plague.  I mean, seriously, $25 for leggings and $65 for a dress or a duster? Man this stuff better do my laundry too. But…I finally caved…and boy was it the worst thing I did.

I am not made of money.  I buy frugal and tight.  I rarely by myself new clothes…not even the bare necessities unless they are holey and unusable.  However, I decided to treat myself and purchased a pair.  That is when it all went down hill.

Don’t get me wrong….my consultant was great.  She handled this much better than all the horror stories I have read.  Of course I ordered these leggings and then went and looked at the internet to find so many horror stories in regards to the leggings coming from Vietnam compared to the ones coming from China.

You have to know me, to know my luck  is horrible.  I already expected the worst, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I got the leggings in the mail, opened them, caressed them (OH THEY WERE SO SOFT), and then looked them over.  Bad mistake.  They had a thread pull.  What was even worse, it wasn’t a matching thread…see photo.

So I let my consultant know.  I of course fear as soon as I wear these that is it and at $25 for a pair….no thank you.

So she brings me a second pair.  I was in love.  They were the most beautiful pair.  I again caressed  them and looked them over.  I almost died.  These didn’t have just a thread pull…these had straight up holes.  THREE of them in various places.  I was done.  I emailed the consultant and told her I was returning them and not even asking for a refund.  She offered to replace them again and I was like “No thank you, I am not a third times a charm girl”.  See photos….


So I returned both pairs and was done.  She refunded my money as she said she would.  I have had so many people tell me that these are the best leggings in the world.  Well not for me.  I think I have had my share of LulaRoe.

What has been your experience in regards to LuLaRoe? Have you taken the plunge? Why not? Speak your mind.

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