Facebook post that started this all….

So M has been in a study at children’s for ADHD and medication. This was a double blind study test. So no one knew but the pharmacy what doseage she was on. 3 weeks she had 3 different doses and one week she had a placebo. None of the weeks she was groggy or “chilled”. All the weeks she was still bouncing off the wall…except the last week. The last week she was only semi bouncing off the wall. So…apparently that was her PLACEBO week, so she is no longer in the study.

Point- my daughter is totally dysfunctional like me lol. Meds don’t work like they should even when they are for the exact thing she needs them for.

Not one dose of the meds actually worked with her, completely. Some weeks she cried randomly. Some weeks she laughed randomly. All weeks she was bouncing off the walls, but some a little less. She can’t sit still, focus, or finish her work.

The thing is, she is something more than ADHD like me. She can have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks, and she can even go from hour to hour and be a completely different child.

She is moderate to severe ADHD, moderate OCD, and eventually I am sure we will get a diagnosis as bipolar disorder possibly at some point or something similar due to her frequesnt and rapid mood changes.

Thankfully she is a pretty happy almost always child. However, she wears her feelings very openly and becomes emotional easily.

So if you see her, meet her, or just pass her by….she may look typical (because momma knows how to deal with this most of the time) but she isn’t. She will have struggles. Be patient with her.

I am glad I did this study because it helped me to find out what I already assumed but I didn’t have to take the extremly painful road for her or for us to find it out.

Now to find ways to elleviate the craziness lol! I think I might start a blog to help others in this situation. I know I haven’t found much help and I don’t think I am at all an expert, but maybe just maybe….I can help someone else.

Posted via FB Friday, February 17 at 12:38.


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