Wiggle Seats?

Have you thought about getting one of these things called a wiggle seat? It is suppose to help your kid out when they sit if they tend to wiggle a lot.  I don’t have one of these at home but M has one at school.  It does ok, I guess.  She really likes it and the teacher hasn’t taken it from her yet.  I haven’t had any experiences with these prior to her getting it after our last conference in January.  Hers looks similar to this:


From what I have seen they run around $20-30 for each one.  They are squishy and bumpy.  You fill it with air so it is easy to inflate and deflate if need arises.

I wish they had a place where you could you know “borrow” one to find out if they work for you instead of paying all this money for it to not work out.  Even a buy before you try option would be nice.  You know, not get dinged for sending back and item that doesn’t work.

I am going to have to look around for other seats.  I have found round ones as well.  They are just like this triangle one but obviously round.  There is no “lift” like the triangle….it is kind of like sitting on a flat balloon with bumps?


So what are your thoughts on these? Have  you used them? Would you use them?


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One Response to Wiggle Seats?

  1. My son used one of these for a while at school. I picked up a round one at a second-hand store for $3 for home recently (bargain!!). We have a toy library in our town, where we can borrow toys & special needs resources like this.

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