Coming down…

My daughter M is coming down off the meds she was taking during the trial.  There is a difference in everything.  They insisted her best week was when she was on the placebo, but I can tell the meds did make an impact, even if small.

Her focus is back to what it use to be, very limited.  She is super emotional and bothered by a lot.  She is such a wiggle worm anyways and now she is super wiggly.  There was an impact with the meds but I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point.

While I wait for the Dr to call from the study to give me other options, I have to try and figure out ways to help her succeed. These are hard to find.  I have been looking for years already to help her because I didn’t want to take the medication route.

I have come across so many different websites with so much information.  However, the information is so confusing sometimes. M doesn’t just have ADHD.  She also has OCD.  And while some of the methods that I have found will work for one aspect they may or may not work with another.

I have to pick and choose my battles.  What is more important to find help with.  For me, success in school is on the top of my list.  Second, is success with social aspects. Finally, success in home life.  Home life is important, but we know how to manage with her.  We all have to have a little more patience and we can easily adapt better.  So my focus will be more for school and social.

School is the more challenging one.  I have to adapt her to the norms that are expected.  She doesn’t qualify for many of the programs at school.  So I need to help her at home deal with certain things at school.  I am not there to help her implement them.  This year, at school, she has a teacher who understands my struggles.  She has been very great in helping me help M.  But with just a few months of school left and M going into 2nd grade next year…things will become harder.  Currently M has issues finishing her work, keeping her desk area clean, being able to find what she needs, “handling” students when it is not appropriate (she likes to give hugs and kisses), and recently hitting.  So to tackle all these will take time and will not be an overnight fix.

Social, I think, will come easier once we get the school aspect better.  Knowing how to treat others in society and the correct way will slowly come.  She is very affectionate.  She loves to show how affectionate she is.  Telling her she can’t do certain things breaks down her whole persona.  So finding a balance with that is key.  We have told her ask before you do.  If you want to give a hug make sure to ask if you can.  More so than not does she do without asking.  Again, not an overnight fix.

I think her struggles will be hard to get through.  I think in reality we need to not take away her issues but help her to learn to live with them.  Help her manage them.  She isn’t a bad child and she doesn’t intentionally do bad things.  We also don’t want her to think that what she is doing is bad, because really it isn’t.  It is just there is a way to do it to not only benefit her but the world around her.

Do you have any suggestions or comments? Let me know.

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2 Responses to Coming down…

  1. Hi there. I live in Australia and my son has ADHD. We manage his symptoms without medication. You are welcome to check out my blog ‘Arresting ADHD’ to read our story (I’m still getting it all uploaded) and my recent post “10 things to try before medication”. Like you say, its not an overnight fix. It took us about 3 years to find a diet approach that helped & we also recognise that screen time affects him. Good luck in your journey 🙂

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    • I will check it out. Yea it’s not an overnight fix. I have it and have had it since I was young. My mom did the med thing… Till she found out what it actually was. I became actually addicted so she took me off it. I tried again later in life because it’s hard sometimes, but it didn’t always work. So I deal with it. Now I’m just trying to find a way to help her.


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