My Son…A

So we have spent a few posts talking about my daughter, M.  Let’s talk about my youngest, A.  He is the only boy and he is the youngest.  He was born at 37 weeks at 10 pounds and 6 oz.  No, I did not have gestational diabetes.  I was actually doing much better with his pregnancy than I had done with M’s until week 36.  He was born early due to preeclampsia.  I had him via cesarean.  He came into the world rough and hard.  A was born with two true knots and respiratory issues.  He came out swallowing a large amount of amniotic fluid.  Why am I telling some of the backstory? Well for 5 days A was in the NICU.  They said they didn’t know if he would have any damage due to lack of oxygen for the first 35 minutes of his birth.

Fast forwards to today.  A has to go to speech therapy because he has enunciation issues as well as articulation and phonological processes.  He has been doing wonderful in speech.  However, prior to getting into speech he would get very agitated and aggravated.  He would either not talk or just get plain pissed.  It was hard not understanding him.

Lately he has started to have anger problems.  He is hitting and throwing things.  He knows it isn’t right.  He cries when he is in trouble.  He is like his sister and very sensitive.  However, we don’t let it fly.

Things are really difficult in my home.  I can’t treat one child like the other even though for several years I have tried.  A starts Kindergarten next year.  3 months ago I wouldn’t imagine him ever being ready.  However, he is coming around.  He still isn’t where he needs to be and will probably be on an IEP or something of the sort because of his speech therapy.

I will talk more later about some of the things we use with him in later posts, but for now I just wanted to introduce him.

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Mom to 3 wonderful children with 3 completely different personalities.
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