ADHD or Bipolar or Autism

SO I have been told that M may have Bipolar disorder and not ADHD or combined with ADHD.  Or that she might be on the spectrum leaning towards Asperger’s. She is already dual diagnosed at the moment with ADHD and OCD.  So this new thing isn’t really shocking to me.  They want further testing….but she is at an age that will produce inaccurate results.

Why do they feel this way? Well, let’s go through the so many things…

  1. She is over energetic
  2. She can start crying at the drop of a hat
  3. She constantly worries about how she is doing
  4. She DOESN’T worry about how people look at her because she thinks everyone LOVES her
  5. She gets her feelings her very easily
  6. If she can’t do something, no matter how big or small it is, she cries
  7. She gets distracted easily
  8. She loves to do homework but doesn’t like to actually do it (I know makes no sense)
  9. She believes that everything is in relation to something she likes and if it isn’t she gets upset or bothered
  10. She has no filter, and says what she thinks
  11. She remembers random things but not important things…mainly things of interest to her
  12. She can recall things from years ago (she is only 7 but remembers things from when she was 2 and 3)

The list does keep going but that gives you an idea.  Some people say she is typical, but then they see one of her episodes and then tell me I need to have her looked at.

She is mostly a very happy child, but the mood swings are a little worrying.  I think that eventually it will show itself for what it is but for now I think that it is just to confusing at the moment to try to pinpoint.

So do you have a child diagnosed with any of these? What has the doctors told you? How old was your child when they were diagnosed??


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Mom to 3 wonderful children with 3 completely different personalities.
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