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I have been avoiding this new craze like the plague.  I mean, seriously, $25 for leggings and $65 for a dress or a duster? Man this stuff better do my laundry too. But…I finally caved…and boy was it the worst thing I did.

I am not made of money.  I buy frugal and tight.  I rarely by myself new clothes…not even the bare necessities unless they are holey and unusable.  However, I decided to treat myself and purchased a pair.  That is when it all went down hill.

Don’t get me wrong….my consultant was great.  She handled this much better than all the horror stories I have read.  Of course I ordered these leggings and then went and looked at the internet to find so many horror stories in regards to the leggings coming from Vietnam compared to the ones coming from China.

You have to know me, to know my luck  is horrible.  I already expected the worst, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I got the leggings in the mail, opened them, caressed them (OH THEY WERE SO SOFT), and then looked them over.  Bad mistake.  They had a thread pull.  What was even worse, it wasn’t a matching thread…see photo.

So I let my consultant know.  I of course fear as soon as I wear these that is it and at $25 for a pair….no thank you.

So she brings me a second pair.  I was in love.  They were the most beautiful pair.  I again caressed  them and looked them over.  I almost died.  These didn’t have just a thread pull…these had straight up holes.  THREE of them in various places.  I was done.  I emailed the consultant and told her I was returning them and not even asking for a refund.  She offered to replace them again and I was like “No thank you, I am not a third times a charm girl”.  See photos….


So I returned both pairs and was done.  She refunded my money as she said she would.  I have had so many people tell me that these are the best leggings in the world.  Well not for me.  I think I have had my share of LulaRoe.

What has been your experience in regards to LuLaRoe? Have you taken the plunge? Why not? Speak your mind.

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Mom to 3 wonderful children with 3 completely different personalities.
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