Budget Shopping…my Version Part 1

How many of us are on a budget? Day in and day out we want things but it is just not in the books, right? I use several different websites to do my shopping and to try and make it  hurt my pocket book as much as I can.  You have probably heard of many of these if not all of these.  If you haven’t you should look into using them especially if you shop online and if you live on a budget.  Some of the links I have shared do lead to affiliated sites or referrals.

Hollar is one of my recent faves.  It is lower cost priced items.  Some items are cheaper not purchasing them there (always check ALWAYS) but many are about the same if not less.  Sometimes I find things on here that I never even knew about.  I have gotten really good deals on Shopkins, Pokemon, Five Nights of Freddy, home organization, beauty products, and so many other things.  They also have Disney digital dvd movies starting at $1 as well as As Seen on TV items.  And even better yet, if you spend like $25 you get free shipping. Plus they almost ALWAYS have codes you can use for something, currently if you use FREEGIFT…well you get a free gift!.  It does tend to take a little more time to get to you. So if  you are trying to get something super fast this may not be for  you.  However, they always have new items.  They even have an app for easy mobile viewing.

Ebates is my go to for everything.  I always check here to see if they have a store listed.  What is Ebates? It is a cash back website.  You shop online at various places and they give you anywhere from 1%-50% cash back depending on the store.  I have earned anywhere from $20-$300 depending on the quarter.  Yes, I said quarter.  The cash back isn’t automatic and they only do it every so often.  You also have to have a minimum of $10 for them to give you the cash back.  You can get the cash back in the form of a check or through Paypal.  I love it with Paypal cause it always comes a little earlier for me then what they say.  Almost every store I shop online with is apart of Ebates cash back program.  They even have an app that you can use to earn the cash back.  I do have to say sometimes I do forget to use it…and it always hurts. That is money I am losing that I could have gotten back.  But I mean seriously, why not get money back on purchases you are already making??

Wish is a good site for minimal money.  However, everything  (at least I think everything) comes from China.  So not only will it take forever to get to you it may or may not be authentic.  However, to me this doesn’t matter for the most part.  I tend to order things from here that I don’t really care if it is REAL or if it is HIGH QUALITY.  I have only had 2 bad experiences out of probably 20-30 purchases.  Both were refunded quickly and there were no issues getting the refunds. One of the refunds was from an item I didn’t get and the other one was a product that didn’t look ANYTHING like what I thought I was buying and I had no use for it.  I did not have to return either item (obviously the one I didn’t get I couldn’t return) and I have bought more sense.  I like this website because you can find just about anything and everything…including things you didn’t know existed.

Where are some places you like to shop that save you money?


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