Weekly update plus movie review

So I know I haven’t made many posts lately.  It has been Spring Break for M, who has a cold,  and A has been sick for over a week  (going into two weeks).

All the plans I had for this week went down the drain, but we did manage to go see a few movies this week and will be seeing one tomorrow and probably Saturday. We have a Fandango VIP account plus an AMC stub account and we get discounted tickets through my employer.  So we find the best possible deal in seeing movies and go.

Starting next week A is not going to be in preschool anymore for a variety of reasons, so I will be tackling homeschooling him till September.  I am kind of sad that he isn’t at his Preschool anymore but it was a choice I had to make.


First we saw the new Beauty and the Beast.  While I thought it was absolutely amazing and depicted how I thought a “real life” version would be….my husband completely disagreed.  He, like many people, didn’t think that LeFou should have been portrayed as gay. But not because my husband is a homophobic, but because it took away the idea of a man being able to “adore” another man without being gay.  While I agree to some extent I do think that Disney had some inclination when the animated version came out that LeFou was slightly obsessed with Gaston.  However, I think by making LeFou “gay” it removed that creepy obsession.  That is just my two cents.  Then there is the idea of Gaston.  Gaston IS an antagonist…..he IS the bad guy in the movie.  He does everything for the sole benefit of himself, both in the life action and the animated.  My husband and I differ on this as well.  He believes that Gaston is an antagonist but NOT a bad guy.  We got into a huge argument over this.  He is a huge Gaston fan! He thinks Gaston was trying to help and give Belle options to help herself.  Really? Do I need to even talk about how crazy that sounds?  He only thought of himself.  He locked Belle’s dad up even after Belle said no….he shot the Beast…again after Belle said no.  I mean seriously, if he cared about Belle wouldn’t be listen to her? No, he KNOWS what is best for her….and for him.  But other than those two differences, we were both pretty much on board with the animated vs real life.


Then the kids and I went and saw the new Power Rangers movie.  I won’t even say much about it because I think you NEED to go see this if you have ever liked the Power Rangers….and even if you haven’t.  Be prepared though, there is some bad language and a adult humor with a little sexual innuendo on the side.  I mean it is PG-13…not because of the fight scenes.  The movie has a great story line.  If you have seen some of the Power Ranger shows, there isn’t much of a beginning. It tends to go just straight into the kids gaining the Power Ranger status.  My kids followed the story line but it was a little slow for them, but once the action started they were all in!  I really loved this movie.


Tomorrow we are going to go see The Boss Baby. I hear it is really good.  I am sort of excited, which is a little odd for me since I don’t typically see these movies in theater.  But I will let you know later what I thought about it.


Saturday, we may go see Ghost in the Shell.  I am not sure about taking the kids to see this.  I am not sure they would be interested.  They have watched a few of the anime episodes, but that is animation.  We will see though.

What movies have you seen lately?


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