Exhaustion. Can you get through it?

Everyone goes through some sort of exhaustion, right? Some though a little more than others….

I have been trying to find ways to get past my exhaustion or even just ways to relax over time.  I am so stressed most of the time that it makes me not such a nice person.

My husband is always asking me to find a hobby.  Hobby? Wow what is that? I mean me take time to do something for myself? Really?? How does that work?

I mean look at this blog.  I set this up as a stress relief and a way to venture out of my comfort zone and I am not doing so great.  I mean sometimes I do really good and then others….well back the the exhaustion.

Writing takes energy and when you are exhausted do you really have energy? No, that means my thinking is at a bare minimum.  But it is ok…because that is what happens as an ADULT.

Adult….that is such a scary word.  Even as an adult that word is scary.  I mean responsibilities and taking care of  yourself…wow can we just wait a minute please????  Why is it we get more and more responsibilities but we don’t actually learn anymore than we did before….it always starts over.

I mean I work 3 days a week, 12 hour shift each time I work, and I work nights.  During the day, I work 14 hours, 7 days a week.  Sleep? I do that when I can.  If you saw my FitBit you would cringe.  Exhaustion? Oh that isn’t even the word for it anymore.  I don’t even think there is one.

Relaxation comes in many ways.  Sitting on your bottom doing nothing at all (right…..) or sewing (because everyone in your house has something they need sewn and you think that if you do it it’ll relax you) or reading a book (that you get interrupted reading 400 times).  Wait, so where did I get relaxed?

After the kids go to bed….that is when you relax.  Right? Oh goodness no, that is when you really get things done with out INTERRUPTION! Man can you win?

I get it.  I really do.  Balance of work and life and family.  Can you do it? I am sure some can.  Can I? Most days.  Can you????

What are some ways you deal with exhaustion.  I want to know.

About mylifemykidsourstruggles

Mom to 3 wonderful children with 3 completely different personalities.
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2 Responses to Exhaustion. Can you get through it?

  1. Viv Sluys says:

    Oh dear, I clicked on your post thinking you had some sort of solution for the exhaustion. It’s so much more than a physical lack of sleep exhaustion though, right? Like this emotional, constantly needed for something, never get a true break sort of thing! I guess I’ll get through it and I guess you will too!


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