Disneyland….a plan…

So I have a plan.  Or should I say I set up a plan.  I want to take my family to Disneyland in 2019.  So I went to the Disney website and found a payment plan type thing that you can use to save up for that great trip.

I decided 2019 because I mean seriously, I should be able to save about $3000-4000 in two years, right?  I am currently having $40 a week taken out.  My goal…$5000.  Benefits is that it goes into an account I can’t really touch, but I can withdraw money if I REALLY need it.  I can change how much I put in and when at any time….and I can add one time contributions.  Best thing….if I go through the website or through a Disney travel organization…I can have everything paid for with this account including hotel, airfare, Disney tickets, and even some other things outside Disney.

But wait! You can also use this account to save up for Disney World, Disney Cruises, and Disney in Hawaii! Seriously!  If you are like me, this is a great option.  And if I have to push my trip out…no biggie!  There is no penalty for removing money (other than you now will have less) and you don’t have to take the trip exactly when  you say.

I could talk about this all day….but seriously head over to the website and check it out.  Figure out how much you would need and when you want to go and …well go from there.

And have fun!

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Mom to 3 wonderful children with 3 completely different personalities.
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