Fitbit Charging cable- Charge 2 Review

Do you own a Fitbit Charger 2? How many chargers do you have for it? Have you looked at the price of buying extra ones?  They run around $10-$20 depending where you buy it.  I recently was able to purchase some at a discounted price and was actually quite pleased.

I want to tell you this because my Charge 2 runs out of battery at the worst time and I always seem to forget my charger.  So I wanted to get extra ones anyways so I can have one with me at all times.  I have one now at home, in my car, and at work.  So now I have no reason to not have my Charge 2….charged.

So I bought mine from Amazon, retail price $6.99 for 2 charging cables.  I received them and plugged it in immediately to test it out.  I didn’t just want to know if it would charge but even how long.  I mean, I am almost certain these are not Apple brand so I wanted to know how they compared.


They do charge and they charge at almost the same speed as the Apple charger.  I haven’t had any issues with them so far and they have done an adequate job with charging.  I enjoy having more than one, and if for some reason something happens I have backups in general as well.

So if you have been looking to get a replacement or even extras, seriously think about purchasing these.


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