If you have been following my posts you will know that I recently had a child graduate.

Have you ever been to a graduation? I haven’t except my own….until now.  My oldest child graduated from high school the end of May.  Bitter sweet, let me tell you.  It was super emotional and super draining.

First I had to go from Seattle, WA to Fulton, MS.  That is a 2,500 mile trip give or take.  I took a flight of course.  Flew from Seattle, WA to Houston, TX and then onto Memphis, TN.  From Memphis, TN I drove 2 hours to Fulton, MS.  Let me tell you.  The day I left I only slept 3 hours and had a red-eye flight.  I didn’t sleep on the flight at all either.  Then drove with no sleep.  I still didn’t get to sleep until after 9.  I was so very very tired.

Graduation was the next day.  So much to do and I swear there was not a whole lot of time.  My best friend came over to see me as well and cheer me on.  There was so much emotion just with that….I hadn’t seen her in at least 7 years.  Who hadn’t I seen in 7 years.  Both my daughter and my best friend.  So Saturday was super emotional.  And then my mom showed up…also who I haven’t seen in 7 years.

We worked super hard to get my daughter ready for graduation.  The night before my daughter and I went and bought her shoes and a dress.  The day of I decided to fix her hair and make her “graduation ready”.

It was a lot of work but well worth it all to see my oldest walk down and get her diploma.  She was absolutely beautiful.  I am one happy mama.

I now get the luxury to send her off to college now.  However, she will be going to college here in Washington.  For me that is great because I get to see her and help her through it.  I hope that in 4 years I get to attend another graduation with her.

My next high school graduations are not until 2028 and 2030.  That seems so far off, but in reality it is right around the corner….and I am really looking forward to seeing the babies graduate.


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Mom to 3 wonderful children with 3 completely different personalities.
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