And so it ends…

A few weeks back I told you about a savings account that you could use to plan out your Disney trips….however, that is no longer an option.

For some reason they decided that they no longer wanted to have the program.  According to the site, this is what they said:

Thanks for Participating

To current account holders:

Thank you for your participation in the Disney Vacation Account program. At this time, we are discontinuing the program and no new accounts or contributions are being accepted.

As a true Disney fan, and to show our appreciation for your participation in the program, below are four (4) options you can choose from. If you have more than one account with the Disney Vacation Account program, you may want to take action for each account.

I am kind of shocked and sadden by this.  I actually had found a way to save up and wasn’t tempted to use the money for other things.

See that is one of my downsides….I have a huge issue with actually saving money.  I tend to pull it out and use it for things that I find more important at the time which then causes me to not have the money for what I was saving for.

So I have received the refund and put this money into a savings account in my bank.  However, I removed the account from my list so that I can’t see it.  I am a huge out of sight out of mind person.

But anyways if you have tips and tricks on how we can save for our trip….let me know!

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2 Responses to And so it ends…

  1. Rachael Leventhal says:

    If you’d planned on only using that money for a disney vacation, you’d probably have been best served by taking the disney gift card e-mails to get the extra 5%, or at least the do-nothing plan to get the extra 2%. That’s like getting free money for your vacation that you were saving for anyway.


    • Actually I did look into it. But it was less than $10 and with my savings account I can actually make more in interest over time than the bonus it was giving. And by buying the gift cards, if for some reason we decided not to go to Disneyland we would have hundreds of dollars in gift cards that would be useless. Two years is a long time and things happen. So that’s why we don’t opt for that option.


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