Hi, I am Carol.


I have three wonderful children.  They are all completely different and all need different things.  I work full time and I take care of my children full time.  I don’t have a whole lot of hobbies.  I do like to finger knit scarves and have made many.  I occasionally play video games with my kids and I enjoy many shows like Ink Masters, The Walking Dead, most Marvel/DC shows, and many more.  But mostly, I love being with my family.

First there is my oldest, S.


She currently lives in another state.  She will be moving here with us in a few short months.  The dynamics of our life will change but they are welcomed.  She will (hopefully) graduate in May and start college in September.  Right now she wants to be a veterinarian.  That is a big goal for her.  She however suffers from depression among other things.  So life can be challenging.  However, we will all work together for her.  I will have to get back to you on her interests.

Second is the middle child, M.


She is a wonderful child.  She had been diagnosed with moderate to severed ADHD, moderate OCD, and she has (undiagnosed) issues with mood changes.  She wears her feelings on her sleeves.  While she is mostly an extremely happy girl she can break down and cry in less than a second.  She is very social and she is always looking for a new friend.  She loves to play on her tablet.  She is always on YouTube Kids looking and how to videos including how to play video games.  She likes typical “girl” things but don’t let that full you….she is very much into everything!!

Last is my youngest, A.


He is starts Kindergarten soon and  a very calm and quiet child.  Until recently he was extremely reserved and very much a solo child.  He has speech issues and we believe that was much of his problem.  He started in Speech Therapy and was enrolled into a co-op preschool (preschool that mom gets to help at) and he started to come out of his shell a little.  We have been going down this road for about 3 months and the difference is amazing.  He too loves his tablet.  He also loves Skylanders.  He watches videos on YouTube Kids as well and can explain how to play almost every kid’s game out there.  He has a great memory…once it is there it isn’t going anywhere.

I wanted to start this blog because I hoped that maybe one day I could help someone who is in the same or likewise position I am in.  None of my children use the same type or rules and discipline.  Every step of my journey is new and unchartered.  Half the time I don’t know what I am doing.  But eventually I always find something that works.  Sometimes it takes hours and hours of research, but in the end we find something that works…at least for the moment.

I hope you join me on my adventure.  The blog will be about so many things.  I want to address daily living, health and wellness, ADHD, speech issues, reviews on products that work for my home, and anything else I can think about talking about.

My husband recently told me to get a hobby…well I am hoping this can be it.