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Fitbit Charging cable- Charge 2 Review

Do you own a Fitbit Charger 2? How many chargers do you have for it? Have you looked at the price of buying extra ones?  They run around $10-$20 depending where you buy it.  I recently was able to purchase … Continue reading

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If you have been following my posts you will know that I recently had a child graduate. Have you ever been to a graduation? I haven’t except my own….until now.  My oldest child graduated from high school the end of … Continue reading

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Disneyland….a plan…

So I have a plan.  Or should I say I set up a plan.  I want to take my family to Disneyland in 2019.  So I went to the Disney website and found a payment plan type thing that you … Continue reading

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Exhaustion. Can you get through it?

Everyone goes through some sort of exhaustion, right? Some though a little more than others…. I have been trying to find ways to get past my exhaustion or even just ways to relax over time.  I am so stressed most … Continue reading

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Speaking Up: 13 Reasons Why

I have been contemplating writing this for a few days.  My opinions on this miniseries/book run deep and true.  I think people are losing sight of what the actual series was/is about and what the book was/is about.  I also … Continue reading

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Amazon Prime Oh My!!!

I just wanted to post a quick not that now you can get Amazon Prime in three ways: Prime monthly- so for $10.99 a month you can get prime Prime video- get videos only like Netflix or Hulu or $8.99 … Continue reading

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I have to rant for a minute.  My daughter struggles to get play dates and get togethers with friends,  I try so hard to arrange them but then there is no follow through.  I know she’s difficult sometimes, but the … Continue reading

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Weekly update plus movie review

So I know I haven’t made many posts lately.  It has been Spring Break for M, who has a cold,  and A has been sick for over a week  (going into two weeks). All the plans I had for this … Continue reading

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Budget Shopping…my Version Part 1

How many of us are on a budget? Day in and day out we want things but it is just not in the books, right? I use several different websites to do my shopping and to try and make it  … Continue reading

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I have been avoiding this new craze like the plague.  I mean, seriously, $25 for leggings and $65 for a dress or a duster? Man this stuff better do my laundry too. But…I finally caved…and boy was it the worst … Continue reading

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