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I know you have all heard about Swagbucks by now right? I had an account when it first started…however I have forgotten what email address it was under.  So I decided to start a new one because a lot of … Continue reading

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Just Between Friends Consignment

Hey all my mom and dad friends who are around the Western Washington area…..Did you know that twice a year there is a POP UP consignment sale that caters to everything you need for your kids?? September 21 will start … Continue reading

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And so it ends…

A few weeks back I told you about a savings account that you could use to plan out your Disney trips….however, that is no longer an option. For some reason they decided that they no longer wanted to have the … Continue reading

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Access is limited

So I am finding my access to WordPress is limited to basically the web.  I can’t use the app on my phone or my IPad and that really sucks. So until I find out what the deal is I will … Continue reading

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Life gets so hectic sometimes

Why is it life can be so hectic sometimes? I mean you have a page and a half long list of things to do and only time to do a 1/4 of the things…. Then you go and forget to … Continue reading

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Fitbit Charging cable- Charge 2 Review

Do you own a Fitbit Charger 2? How many chargers do you have for it? Have you looked at the price of buying extra ones?  They run around $10-$20 depending where you buy it.  I recently was able to purchase … Continue reading

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If you have been following my posts you will know that I recently had a child graduate. Have you ever been to a graduation? I haven’t except my own….until now.  My oldest child graduated from high school the end of … Continue reading

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Disneyland….a plan…

So I have a plan.  Or should I say I set up a plan.  I want to take my family to Disneyland in 2019.  So I went to the Disney website and found a payment plan type thing that you … Continue reading

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Exhaustion. Can you get through it?

Everyone goes through some sort of exhaustion, right? Some though a little more than others…. I have been trying to find ways to get past my exhaustion or even just ways to relax over time.  I am so stressed most … Continue reading

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Speaking Up: 13 Reasons Why

I have been contemplating writing this for a few days.  My opinions on this miniseries/book run deep and true.  I think people are losing sight of what the actual series was/is about and what the book was/is about.  I also … Continue reading

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