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ADHD or Bipolar or Autism

SO I have been told that M may have Bipolar disorder and not ADHD or combined with ADHD.  Or that she might be on the spectrum leaning towards Asperger’s. She is already dual diagnosed at the moment with ADHD and … Continue reading

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Tools for Kids with ADHD

Throughout my research and millions of websites I have found several tools that either I have used or will plan to use in the near future.  I want to go through those I have used and then start with a … Continue reading

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Coming down…

My daughter M is coming down off the meds she was taking during the trial.  There is a difference in everything.  They insisted her best week was when she was on the placebo, but I can tell the meds did … Continue reading

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Wiggle Seats?

Have you thought about getting one of these things called a wiggle seat? It is suppose to help your kid out when they sit if they tend to wiggle a lot.  I don’t have one of these at home but … Continue reading

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